Aaron Freeman

Woodstock New York Promotional Portraits | Aaron Freeman

Posting these images now as we were waiting on his management to run with them first. Now they are out there and they look great. I got to meet Aaron through his lovely wife Leah, a then Facebook connection. She had admired some images that I had put up and we got to talking. Leah mentioned that her husband was launching a new album and would need some images to put out there for interviews and general publicity. She never mentioned his name, and honestly with the quantity of really good players up in this area, I didn’t think too much about it. So later after I met and talked to Aaron I realized this guy is the Man. Former front man to the band Ween and all around musical genius. No kidding!! Go listen to any of his albums, the material is varied, complex and fun and serious. Yeah all of that and more. Anyone of his albums can cover such an amazing gamut. Well I also got the privilege to hear his new work, and I loved it, great new album. Lyrics that cover some serious shit in his life, and some great joy. Like I said before, anyone of his albums can take you on a journey, and this new one is no exception. Anyway, we got together on a rainy day and shot a bunch of images, Aaron was super cool in front of the camera and we played with different things. These are some of the selects that they chose and a few that i really liked… Hope you like them, cause I sure do. Go check out Aaron, he will be touring his new album soon. And go buy the album, its a great listen. Also as a side note, it was mostly written and fully recorded right here in Woodstock. Thanks Aaron, and thanks to Leah.

Pre Order the Album here: Partisan Records

And Follow Aaron here: Freeman

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