All Love

All Woodstock, All Love

Everyone is equal. Thats is one of the basic tenants of being an American. Although if you look back at Americas dubious upholding of these words you would see how far we need to go. This set of pictures stemmed from an incident that occurred to a young woman named Constance McMillien. She was the victim of discrimination due to her sexual orientation. Constance has been out as a lesbian since middle school but was barred from attending her high school prom with a female date. The ALCU has been involved with a law suit filed on her behalf against the school board.

Anyway, a party benefiting Constance was set up by my friend and super PR person Abbe Arronson. When I heard about this party, I thought about how I would love to shoot it. So I came up with a campy set meant to look like someone’s basement, complete with bad paneling and odd props. We called it the basement of love. We photographed a number of the guests throughout out the evening and all proceeds went to Constance. Some really funny images were made that night.

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