Cherry Blossoms Bill Board

Saugerties New York Promotional Portrait | Cherry Blossoms, The Boutique

We got a call from the owner of Cherry Blossoms, a high end clothing boutique in Saugerties NY. She had acquired space on a billboard and needed to create an advertisement for it. Lucia had brainstormed several ideas and we presented a few to the owner, Gyongyi, who responded to this concept. We were going to photograph the clothes on a natural hanger, consisting of a tree limb, and place the floating hanger out on the corn field on Zena Road. The mountains in the background would make for a perfect scene.

So we set up around 5pm and shot 4 or 5 variations of this shot, trying different angles and distances. I comped up 3-4 different variations of the billboard and when Gyongyi approved this one I was happy. I felt like this shot had everything going for it, plus the layout allowed for the name to be quite big. The clothes read well and the image reflects the store. As a billboard I think it looks great and I am very happy with how it all turned out.

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