California | Go West Young Man

After a show I had in Los Angeles a couple months ago I decided to take a few days off and take a drive through the desert’s of California and Nevada. There were times when the GPS had me driving down roads with no company whatsoever. I mean driving for 30-60  minutes without seeing other cars. Or going through little towns with migrant workers, where I was the only white man, and sounds of mariachi music playing. Several times I entered into American Indian towns, fairly desolate places with a gas station and general store and not a whole lot more. I eventually made my way over to Death Valley and spent a day photographing there. I was eager to recreate Weston’s dune images. I managed a couple. After leaving there I drove to Las Vegas and ended the trip in Phoenix. 3 days of driving and 1250 miles later I made some nice images and had an amazing time.

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