Kevin Christofora

Woodstock New York Author Portrait | Kevin Christofora

Anyone in the greater Woodstock area knows Kevin Christofora. He is the former owner/operator of Woodstock Meat’s the beloved local butcher and grocer, he also proudly wears the hat of the Woodstock’s baseball team coach and now we all know him as the author of the popular series of books “Home Town All Stars”. I first met Kevin when we first moved up here in 2005. My daughter and I went into his shop and started up a conversation, He noticed my then 3 year old Nora and invited us to his place for a New Years Eve party. He had a painted backdrop of Times Square set up and a mirrored ball that he would drop a little earlier in the evening so all the kids could have their celebration at a more reasonable hour. Over the years I have photographed for Kevin a few times, but this session was for his new direction. Kevin has sold his store and is concentrating on his books and their message. So Kevin came in to the studio and we shot for an hour or two and came away with some strong portraits. He did great in front of the camera so I wanted to share these.. Thanks so much Kevin. And please everyone go check out Kevin’s site

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