Maurice Hinchey

Woodstock New York Professional Portrait | Maurice Hinchey U.S. Representative

Maurice Hinchey U.S. Representative for New York’s 22nd Congressional District sat for my camera a while back. Photographing politicians is always a tough assignment, they are so guarded with their public persona that pushing them out of their comfort zone is a challenge. I had wanted to photograph him smelling a flower as he was set to retire shortly after I was to work him, and the idea was to say it was time to relax. He looked at me like I had asked him to don a clown outfit and juggle some bowling pins, he quickly said, “No, I don’t do that”. Which got me laughing, as I could not imagine what he thought the image was connoting. Anyway, I did get some images that were unique to him so I was happy, and happy that we didn’t get a typical public official smiling at the camera stuff. The images ran in Generation Magazine. Oh and did I mention he showed up late and gave me about 8 minutes. Nothing like a little pressure.



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