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After years of being with the company that has hosted my website, and me asking them repeatedly for certain features and certain layouts, I have found another solution. Dont get me wrong Photobiz who handled all my web stuff for years worked really well, was never down and was very easy for me to use and update, they are not a bad company. In fact they have great customer service and were always easy to deal with. But their main client focus was very consumer based, not pro commercial based and certain things about their sites really bugged me. So anyway, here I am on a new system, completely HTML5 based which makes all iPad and iPhone users eligible. No FLASH. The new site is  designed and run by PhotoShelter a NYC based company, with, so far, good customer service. There are a few interface issues I am working on right now, but its live! My creature is alive. For a couple years now I had been wanting a site that looks similar to this WordPress BLOG, now both sites feature a cascading portfolio of images. I will slowly incorporate more of the features that this site allows as I step up its capacity. Anyway please take a look, and I welcome your thoughts. If you have suggestions that you feel would help please send them along. Without further ado- http://www.francovogt.com

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