Suzan Saxman

Woodstock New York Professional Portrait | Suzan Saxman

I got a phone call from Perdita Finn telling me she had just co-wrote a book with a woman named Suzan Saxman. Their book is Suzan’s story and her dealing with being a psychic. The book is called The Reluctant Psychic, a memoir. Perdita told me that they needed an author photo of Suzan and they wanted something dark and interesting. So we decided to go with a very dramatic lighting scheme and let her face go into the shadows. Suzan was a complete natural in front of the camera and was totally into exploring anything. We tried 2-3 different setups and after stopping to review what we had done up to that point, both Suzan and Perdita saw an image they both liked. I am putting a group of the shots, as there were many nice ones. Suzan was very cool to photograph and her persona lent itself wonderfully to this dark lighting.

You can check out her store in Woodstock:

The Book is in preorder right now, here is a link I found.

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