Tracy Christian Denton

Woodstock New York Professional Portrait | Tracy Christian Denton

So just the other day I proclaimed on Facebook that I was setting up for a shoot with one of my favorite people, but I didn’t mention who. Well now I can reveal. Tracy Christian Denton, and for those who don’t know, she is a very sharp filmmaker with an awesome documentary ( Street Journeys; under her belt, and another doc in progress. I met Tracy where I meet most people, at my daughters school. She is very funny, smart and a blast to talk to. I have photographed her in the past and I know now that I must allow for some extra time to laugh in between frames. Not a dull moment in this shoot. We shot 4-5 different set ups and these are her selections, and I really like them. So they are mine also. Enjoy, and go check her film out, you will not be disappointed.

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