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Woodstock New York Portraiture | Writers Resist

So let’s start at the beginning. Early December 2016, I got a phone call from my good friend Nan Tepper whose work you might have seen, and if you have not seen her web design prowess go to her website and check her out. She asks me if I could do her a favor. Without even knowing what she was going to ask, I replied with an emphatic YES. Nan has been so good to me that of course I would and could help. She explained how she had just started the design process for the website and posters for an event that was going to take place in January. The event was to be called Writers Resist. Writers Resist was to take place on Martin Luther King’s birthday, as both a celebration and a voice against oppression, and as a way to bring light to a free and open society. She explained our regional event which was one of ninety or so events taking place all over the country, was being organized by Nina Shengold, another local writing star, who was calling on local writers, musicians and sponsors to participate. Any proceeds being raised would go to 3 not for profits in our area. NYCLU, Planned Parenthood, and River Keeper. OK- So how do I fit in? Nan was not sure at that point, but she had really liked something that I did a few years back at a benefit for the ACLU,  So we talked a bit and I told her I would have to think about how I could contribute. So cut to about a week or two before the event, I had not really come up with a concept so I sat down with my wife Lucia who unfortunately for her doubles as a producer, creative and all around essential part of my process. We wanted to do something that would help in the fund raising, and not just photograph people at the event, I’m not much of an event photographer anyway, so I really wanted to use my portraiture to bring in money. So we decided to set up a studio and create portraits of anyone who donated to one of the causes featured. We would then email the images to the participants.  For the actual set, I knew I did not want to a studio flash system because all that flashing of the strobes would be very distracting to all involved so I wanted go with a continuous light. This led to some technical issues but in the end we were rewarded with a simple light that allowed me to produce a beautiful soft light that delivered a soft creamy quality. To say that we were successful would be a big understatement. We were set up by 1:30 in the afternoon and pretty much shot continuously to about 5:30. Who says portraiture is a dying business? We shot over 90 people in that time frame. I had Lucia with me and a high school student who I am mentoring help out and we were pretty much in constant motion. Through all of our efforts, including Will from Thorneater Comics and The Golden Notebook we raised over $6000.00. Such an honor to be involved. Thanks Nan and Nina for getting us involved. To all that could not attend Planned Parenthood the ACLU and River Keeper can always use your help. To see a more expanded selection of the portraiture go to my website.

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